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Ancient mysteries of Egypt revealed!

Ancient mysteries, lighbulb, penis, or cricket bat?


Dendera Light one of life's ancient mysteriesNow there’s some catchy headlines huh? And what would these ancient mysteries be alluding to you ask? Why it’s this week’s search of the week of course! And the search phrase that got me wondering about all this is…

“Ancient Light Bulb and Ancient Astronomical Knowledge Theory!”

And this…is what people type into the search box of a motorcycle website…..*pause for reflection*…..*clears throat*…..so where to begin on this one? Why, where the phrase should have been typed in the first place…Google. Where else do you look for ancient mysteries?

So after some digging, it turns out that someone saw an ancient Egyptian hierogliphic and thought…”Hmmm..that looks like a funky long light bulb”. Of course conspiracy theorists are everywhere and tend to come out of the woodwork when they try to explain the image as depicting ancient Egyptians using what appears to be a lightbulb of sorts. Of course there is the other school of merry pranksters who ran with it and pulled the wool over a lot of people’s eyes.

The picture in question if you search on Google is called the Dendera Light, I love how Wikipedia mentions “fringe” authors when describing those who have written articles on it. In fact, Wikipedia describes conventional wisdom as “mainstream” and oddball as “fringe”. The conventional wisdom states that according to traditional Egyptian hieroglyphics these are standard images depicting an event.

The “fringe” explanation is as follows…

In contrast to the mainstream interpretation, there is a fringe hypothesis according to which the reliefs depict Ancient Egyptian electrical technology, based on comparison to similar modern devices (such as Geissler tubes, Crookes tubes, and arc lamps). J. N. Lockyer’s passing reference to a colleague’s suggestion that electric lamps would explain the absence of lampblack deposits in the tombs has sometimes been forwarded as an argument supporting this particular interpretation (another argument being made is the use of a system of reflective mirrors). Proponents of this interpretation have also used a text referring to “high poles covered with copper plates” to argue this but Dr. Bolko Stern has written in detail explaining why the copper covered tops of poles (which were lower than the associated pylons) do not relate to electricity or lightning, pointing out that no evidence of anything used to manipulate electricity had been found in Egypt and that this was not a technical installation.”

Well now, I know I feel enlightened. Tune in next week wherein we examine the origins of St. Merino, the patron saint of those who’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes. And for those who don’t know…a merino is a particular breed of sheep 🙂 Any other ancient mysteries you want solved?

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