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Ethanol group scoffs at AMA protest of E15

Ethanol group says motorcyclists protesting E15 is ‘absurd’ By Danny King It’s not quite the Hells Angels at Altamont, but another biker group is being accused of piling on, this time by ethanol advocates. Members of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) went to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to lobby against …

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Mongols MC sue U.S. Federal Government

Mongols MC sue over attempted trademark seizure by feds by Hook for Hdhistory.com Prosecutors from the U.S. Department of Justice have tried and so far failed at seizing the trademark image of the incorporated Mongols Nation Motorcycle Club. Over the years feds have tried numerous tactics with MCs and RICO …

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Ancient mysteries of Egypt revealed!

Ancient mysteries, lighbulb, penis, or cricket bat?   Now there’s some catchy headlines huh? And what would these ancient mysteries be alluding to you ask? Why it’s this week’s search of the week of course! And the search phrase that got me wondering about all this is… “Ancient Light Bulb …

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AMA speak out against E15 Ethanol

AMA  speak out against E15   The American Motorcyclist Association swarmed Washington on Wednesday to talk about the dangers of using higher ethanol blends in motorcycles and ATV engines. The organization, the latest group to speak out against E15, a blend of fuel containing 15 percent ethanol, started the day …

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Pope blesses motorcyclists for Harley-Davidson’s 110th

Pope blesses motorcyclists for Harley-Davidson’s 110th anniversary Bikers greet pontiff as he arrives to celebrate mass, some with ‘Papa Francesco’ flags fixed to their bikes Lizzy Davies in the Vatican City Choral music mixed with the sound of revving engines in the Vatican city as the Pope blesses motorcyclists in …

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LiveMap HUD display helmet being developed in Russia

LiveMap: An F-35 Fighter Pilot Helmet for Motorcyclists Move over, Glass, there’s another AR solution for motorcyclists. A startup out of Russia has ideated a helmet with a HUD that claims to solve all your navigation needs. LiveMap’s helmet looks more like the lovechild of a Simpson racing lid and …

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