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Biker gang Adelaide Easyriders has nothing but pedal power

Biker gang Adelaide Easyriders has nothing but pedal power

Tim Williams

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Adelaide Easyriders is a group of cyclists who customise bikes into ‘choppers’ and dragsters for fun and cruise around town. Front is Jake Sande. Rear L-R is Leigh Webster, Shand Sacramento, Kent Short, Wayne Ridley, Jim Woods, Darren Sande, Picture: Sam Wundke Source: adelaidenow

THEY cruise city streets on their choppers and dragsters but there’s no menace in this biker gang.

That’s because the pimped out two-wheelers of the Adelaide Easyriders – soon to be renamed the Chopper-Style BC (Bicycle Club) – are entirely pedal-powered.

Founded by Darren Sande and wife Ann two years ago, the group is dedicated to social rides on customised bikes with elongated frames, oversized handlebars, wide wheels and eye-catching paintwork.

The group has recently taken to monthly Friday night rides through the Adelaide CBD and North Adelaide.

About 20 riders took part in the second city ride last Friday (May 3).

“It’s great to ride with a group of mates who have the same interest,” Mr Sande, 41, says.

“There’s a bit of a show-off factor as well. People look at these bikes and it blows them away.”

The Ingle Farm resident was already into customising cars so it was only natural he should adapt the hobby when he and Ann took up mountain biking.

You can individualise the bike to your own taste, he says.

“Generally with the custom bikes they are a stretch frame, so it’s a different riding position. You get used to it pretty quickly.”

Group member Kent Short, who will next month move his shop selling a mix of regular and custom bicycles from Mawson Lakes into Hindley St, sums up the attraction.

“They’re just cool. It’s a very social kind of cycling.”

Mr Sande says the group often cruises between the city and the beach and along the coast.

He says the name change will provide a clearer identity and differentiate the pedal cruisers from the Easyriders social motorcycle club.

“We’re in the process of designing our club patch and screen prints for T-shirts,” he says.

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