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Crocodile Dundee swings knife at cop during traffic stop

Chinese scooter rider swings knife during traffic stop

Chinese traffic stop goes wrong.
Now THAT’S a knife! a’ la’ Crocodile Dundee

AsiaOne – In a traffic stop gone bad, a biker in China swung a knife at a traffic cop repeatedly after he was forced to stop his vehicle.The incident took place at a traffic junction in Nanchang, Jiangxi province. It is not known whether anyone was hurt in the incident.

In stills from the video, a man dressed in a black jacket and jeans is first seen arguing with a traffic policeman while on his motorcycle. A woman dressed in a woolen sweater is seated behind him. As the man argues with a traffic cop, the woman becomes disgruntled that the incident is being recorded on video and approaches the person behind the video camera. She hurls vulgarities at the person.

“What are you doing? Why are you recording this” she shouts.

She also strikes the camera, causing the footage to blur. In the next instant, the black-clad biker is caught on camera bending over and retrieving something from his motorcycle. It turns out to be big knife which looks to be at least 30cm long.

He slashes at the traffic cop at least twice, while the policeman moves away. There are repeated shouts for him to stop moving. The man continues chasing the traffic cop across the junction, all the while cursing and swearing at him.

Other policemen can be heard shouting “Don’t move!” at him.

After awhile, he points the knife at the policemen and shouts “Are all looking for death?” before he goes back to his motorcycle. The woman in the woolen jacket continues ranting at the person behind the camera, cursing at him and striking the camera. The next few seconds of video footage are a blur.

Finally, the man can be seen getting onto his motorcycle. The woman is also seen getting onto the motorcycle. The traffic policemen do not seem to have made any attempts to arrest the man or take note of important evidence during this traffic stop.

edit: Try that in most countries and you’d get a bullet between the eyes.

via Biker swings knife at cop during traffic stop | AsiaOne Ride.

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