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Canadian Insurance agency wants bikers to sport tracking devices

120 Volunteers opt to try tracking devices

Saskatchewan asks bikers to use tracking devices

In a move that has created a wave of controversy SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance) has asked motorcyclists to use tracking devices to study their habits. The pilot program would need 1,000 riders to use various tracking devices that would monitor driving habits and provide information for future insurance programs and policies. SGI spokeswoman Kim Hambelton says the more volunteers they get, the more data they’ll gather to help structure future insurance rates.

Responses to the study are varied and some are calling for privatized insurance in hopes of getting better rates. SGI insurance rates have soared lately and some wonder where the deal is in government insurance for a vehicle that can only be ridden 6mths of the year. Others want better driver-rider training and awareness as well as better road conditions for crack and pothole repair, annual claims for damage due to road conditions are on the increase. Still some are on the fence when it comes to privatization and say there’s no deal to be found. The addition of the pilot program using tracking devices has both sides united and claim not only is it unfair but also an invasion of privacy despite it being a volunteer program. Until all the types of metrics to be collected are revealed, potential volunteers are holding back. It was suggested that first year riders should be mandated to use the tracking devices, but was quickly shot down when it was pointed out that the data collected would be used and applied to riders of all ages and experience regardless.
If you’d like to compare your insurance to the people using SGI, they have an online insurance calculator that you can try here at SGI PLATE CALCULATOR It’s quite the eye opener on the rates they’re being charged.



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