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Knock knock – stolen license plate woes

A stolen license plate story Knock knock….. Who’s there? Police Services Police Services who? Police Services here to confiscate the stolen license plate on your vehicle who. Well that was a bit of a surprise at 9:15pm last night. When I heard the doorbell ring I looked up from my …

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Ancient mysteries of Egypt revealed!

Ancient mysteries, lighbulb, penis, or cricket bat?   Now there’s some catchy headlines huh? And what would these ancient mysteries be alluding to you ask? Why it’s this week’s search of the week of course! And the search phrase that got me wondering about all this is… “Ancient Light Bulb …

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Cyberhacking from China….really?

Another revealing day on who visits the site In my ongoing effort to learn this SEO stuff, I use Google webmaster tools to try and better tailor my content to where people are coming from. There’s quite a bit of traffic from the UK, Slovenia, Russia, and of course the …

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Detractors from Rolling Thunder

Enjoy Your Freedom, Someone Paid In Blood For It I was reading articles from CNN, The Washington Post, and The Huffington Post tonight on the Rolling Thunder ride to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC as part of the Memorial Day weekend. I was struck by the sheer gall …

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Have you seen any alien bikers lately?

As I sit here going through the site and trying to patch things here and there and generally try and tweak it in hopes of improving both it’s functionality and appeal, I’m struck by some of the things people type into the search box in the upper corner. Yes, websites …

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