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Bogota Columbia Harley-Davidson Fest

Published on Jul 21, 2015


More than 600 bikers have gathered in Bogota Colombia, for the country’s Third Harley Davidson International Festival.
Bikers from Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica and U-S participated in various competitions and elected the “Harley Girl 96”.
They take up less parking space than a car… but six hundred motorbikes still require a big parking lot.
Hell on wheels in Bogota.

The third Harley Davidson International Festival had the residents of this Latin American capital standing back in awe.
After gunning their Harleys through the main streets of Bogota the bikers arrived in Chia, a village about ten miles north of the capital.
In Latin America biking seems to be a family affair.

Kids decked out in biker gear took up back seats behind their parents.
In most Latin American countries bikers have less of a reputation for being “red-necks” and more of a tendency towards sporting fat wallets.

A Harley can cost as much as 35-thousand U-S dollars. And, it’s also not as macho a scene as it is up north. The festival’s director says she’s pleased with the turnout.

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“We have a delegation of twenty Venezuelans, three Costaricans, four Guatemalan, 10 North Americans, so we have a good number of participants.”

There were various competitions such as the search for “Harley Girl 96”.
It’s the first time Bogota has been host– last year’s festival took place in Medellin.

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“We started to promote this movement in Colombia two years ago because we think that Harley Davidson life style means loving nature, gathering an important number of people together.”

Next week the streets of Bogota will return to normal. But for now, the “born-to-be-wild” crowd is in control.




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