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Cyberhacking from China….really?

Another revealing day on who visits the site

Cyber Hacking

In my ongoing effort to learn this SEO stuff, I use Google webmaster tools to try and better tailor my content to where people are coming from. There’s quite a bit of traffic from the UK, Slovenia, Russia, and of course the biggies, The United States, and Canada (although I’m thinking half the Canadian hits are from me fixing my mistakes).  A 404 error is when someone types in an address in their browser window and that address isn’t there or doesn’t exist. I get a lot of 404 errors from when I moved the old site into the new “blahg”, so I tried to patch that up as best I could redirecting those old URLs to the new ones that have that content on this new site. And that works pretty good except for the people who linked to the images from the old site…I’m NOT going to put redirects in for those.

So, one of the big 4 that visit the site regularly is China, which to me is understandable considering Harley-Davidson’s popularity there and the company’s efforts to gain a foothold in the Chinese market. Well, that is until I see what they’re searching for and what URLs they type that gives a 404 error. It perplexes me that almost like clockwork every few days, I get pounded by a chinese IP address trying to brute force into the site by cyberhacking. And I have to think to myself…why? There’s nothing on the site worth stealing, no hidden files or goodies. Bragging rights? Maybe, but some of the attempts ARE pretty weak I give you that. It probably wouldn’t take much to get in, I’m by no means any kind of computer guru, and the software I use is off the shelf open source stuff…ie: free.  Maybe they have a list of sites that novice or wannabe hackers at hack school must get into before moving onto chapter 2…I dunno.

Could it be part of a bot net they’re trying to build with less than secure websites? A bot net is comprised of servers that have been infiltrated and code inserted that can be controlled remotely. I’m sure you’ve heard of popular websites going down under attack…that’s what a bot net does. Thousands of infected servers ring the doorbell of one website making it come to a standstill with all the requests.

I can try and do some research on putting on a cyber condom and making the place secure, but I’m pretty sure I’d notice some activity or my host provider would and would take the site offline if they noticed anything. Sucks to be me, but that’s the world we live in.  And after all the trouble I went through to put a Google translator on the site that would do Chinese….hmmph…the gratitude I get. Now if you’ll excuse me, my take out order has arrived and I’ve really been hankering for General Tso’s chicken and hot and sour soup.

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