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Feuding Danish biker gangs call truce

The Hells Angels and the Bandidos have entered into an agreement, leaders of both clubs confirm. This paves the way towards peaceful coexistence  and cooperation. The two clubs are the largest amongst Denmark’s biker culture. Michael Rosenvold of the Bandidos and Jørn Jønke Nielsen of Hells Angels confirmed to DR News that the two gangs have reached a cooperation agreement, but neither would give any further details.

The two biker gangs were in an all out war with one another in the late 1990s before coming to a truce that lasted until 2010, when the then Bandidos leader Jim Tinndahn ripped up the peace agreement.

According to DR News, the two sides have been working on a replacement to that agreement since autumn 2012 and now they have apparently come to terms. The new deal comes despite the high-profile switch of former Hells Angels member Brian Sandberg to the Bandidos, and an incident in September in which a 17.5 tonne unmanned truck with a brick on the accelerator plowed into a property used by the Bandidos on Amager. Police at the time suspected that the Hells Angels support group AK81 was behind the attack.

DR reports that the new agreement includes a plan on how to split up gang territory between the two biker groups throughout Denmark.

via Biker gangs call a truce | The Copenhagen Post | The Danish News in English.