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Denmark: Biker Gangs Raided By Murder Police

Police in Denmark have arrested 32 bikers and members of gangs suspected of murder and assault in a massive crackdown on organised crime.

The capital Copenhagen has seen a spate of drive-by shootings and stabbings in recent months that have left several dead and injured – with warring biker gangs blamed for many of the most violent incidents. Copenhagen police inspector Joergen Skov said: “We have arrested suspected perpetrators of a long slew of things, including murder, attempted murder, assault and other serious crimes.” Five weapons were also seized in the raids, police said.

In late March, police said a clampdown on gangs had led to around 80 arrests in three weeks. Inter-gang turf wars, in particular between various immigrant gangs and biker groups, have been going on in Denmark since 2008. Police estimate there have been more than 150 shooting incidents, usually linked to control over the drugs market. Police would not disclose which gangs had been targeted in the latest swoop, when special task force officers descended on 51 addresses.

Previous stings have focused on the Hells Angels and Bandidos biker groups, and the Vaerebros Haarde Kerne (Vaerebro Hard Core), Black Cobra and Loyal to Familia gangs. Mr Skov said police were “making it clear to the biker and gang members that we will under no circumstances accept violent conflicts, and that we will use every resource to arrest the guilty”.

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