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Egyptian biker brotherhoods take to the open road

Affluent Egyptians Find a Simpler Calling – The Open Road

The Arabian KnightsBy Rose Skelton for TheAfricaReport.com

Every Friday, Maadi’s residents wake up to the cacophony of motorcycles scudding down the leafy streets of this affluent Cairo suburb.

Friday is the day of protests against the government after a week of toil by those fortunate to have jobs in the sinking economy.

But some youths, at least, appear to be doing all right.

Mohamed Sami, astride an E£80,000 ($12,000) bike, professes his love for the machine. “It’s as if it were my wife. It’s my best friend,” he says.  Sami says he would like to join a biker club someday.

The Arabian Knights, formed in 2010, was the first motorcycle club in Egypt and has all the trappings of a Hells Angels chapter, but it consists of jovial, well-off men who joined to organise long rides across the country.

The biker trend is booming, judging by how quickly used bikes are sold on motorcycle websites.

Shady Hassan runs his club, Men of Seth, with the money he earns from teaching students to ride in a quiet cul-de-sac in Maadi.

Passersby may notice the long-haired body-builder warily looking on as students do figure-eights.

For the 30-year-old, being a biker means “freeing yourself from control. I changed my life for this. This is the life I want 24/7,” he says●

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