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Ethanol group scoffs at AMA protest of E15

Ethanol group says motorcyclists protesting E15 is ‘absurd’

U.S. Rep Bill Posey at e15 Rally in Washington DC
U.S. Rep Bill Posey at e15 Rally in Washington DC

By Danny King

It’s not quite the Hells Angels at Altamont, but another biker group is being accused of piling on, this time by ethanol advocates.

Members of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) went to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to lobby against the legalization of selling a 15-percent ethanol-gasoline blend (i.e. E15). Their main message is to call for ” independent testing of the E15 ethanol fuel blend in motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle engines before it is allowed for sale at retail gas stations.” Currently, about 30 gas stations across the US provide E15.

Because of their anti-E15 stance, the AMA has been taken to task by advocate Fuels America, Ethanol Producer reports. Fuels America called the AMA’s actions an “absurdity” because the group was protesting the use of a fuel that can’t be used by motorcycles in the first place. Motorcycles have been filling up with the typical 10 percent ethanol blend, and the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) has said no motorcycle mechanical problems have stemmed from the use of the biofuel blend.

The RFA is among groups that have been taking on entities such as the American Petroleum Institute, which has argued that E15 may damage engines because of its higher alcohol content. Last June, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started allowing public sales of E15 in a move that has since been bashed by AAA and the state of Maine. You can see a video of the AMA’s events below.

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