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Thunder Beach, Biggest Bike Week Ever?

Biggest Bike Week Ever?

Harley Thunder Beach- 5pm

Robbie Roberts rode down from north Georgia for this weekend’s Thunder Beach rally. It’s his fifth rally in a row, but the new Harley-Davidson shop on Back Beach Road made this year’s rally special.”I’ve been around a little bit, but I have never seen a Harley shop this packed. It was pouring down rain, but guys were still here. They had a good showing,” said Roberts.


The event was better than Harley-Davidson management ever imagined. They admit they were understaffed and under-stocked for the huge crowds.”We had somewhere around 10-thousand people a day through the store. Our parking lot was full, the streets were full, the neighbors across the street were complaining. I mean, it was great, it was a very good experience,” said GM Randy Welter.

The Harley shop’s been open two weeks and has already sold more than 100 motorcycles but the smaller sales at restaurants, bars and hotels add-up, all help to boost the local economy.”We come to Panama City and on an average trip will spend between 500 to a thousand dollars. That’s just going out and eating and seeing the sights and going to the different venues.

Panama city has come a long way and seems to be one of the hotter spots now, “said Roberts.”Hopefully we are going to have more people here. We are going to have more people to help everybody ,we are going to have more motorcycles, more merchandise, and see if we can find some more space,” added Welter.The fall Thunder Beach runs from October 2nd to October 6th.




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