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Harley-Davidson Riding Academy

Vets get free Harley-Davidson riding course – Austintown OH

Harley Davidson teams up with the Wounded Warriors Project

Over the next few days, nine veterans will get a free Harley-Davidson riding courtesy of Harley Davidson.

Beginning on Thursday at Harley Davidson BikeTown in Austintown, those men and women — who are with the Wounded Warrior Project — will be taught during the next four days how to ride, free of charge.

The Wounded Warrior Project is an organization that helps veterans re-integrate themselves into civilian life. Harley Davidson has partnered with them to teach about bike safety, equipment and proper riding techniques.

“Being on a motorcycle is just a sense of freedom,” said Stephen Komerek, a Wounded Warrior veteran. “You’re out there, you’re in control — you’re out in the elements. They call it ‘Psychotherapy.’ we call it ‘Cycle therapy.’”

The free Harley-Davidson riding course goes until Sunday afternoon — that’s when they’ll be tested for the last time and receive a certificate for completing the course.

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