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Harley-Davidson Rumored to Stop Shipping the CVO Breakout

Possible Hold On CVO Breakout Orders Being Shipped To Dealers

Harley-Davidson Rumored to Stop Shipping the CVO Breakout

In the wind is that Harley-Davidson is rumored to have advised some of their dealers that no more 2013 CVO Breakout machines will be shipped for a while, with no word on when will the situation return to normal.

At the moment of writing there is no known official recall or press release from the Milwaukee builder, but an official position is expected soon, confirming the rumor or denying it.

In the absence of any feedback from Harley-Davidson or other news coming from either dealers or customers waiting for their bikes, there is little we could tell as of the reason behind this move.  Recently Harley-Davidson let over 140 employees at the Kansas City plant know they were being laid off due to falling sales and restructuring.

In a memo directed at Asia Pacific dealers (and posted on several forums oddly enough on April Fools Day) , the motor company state the following…

Subject: MY13 Softail CVO Breakout

Date: April 1, 2013

To: Affected Dealers in the Asia Pacific Region

An unforeseen issue with a Harley-Davidson paint supplier has resulted in supply disruption of MY13  Softail CVO Breakout units scheduled for production in April and May 2013. As a result of this disruption,  Harley-Davidson Motor Company has to cancel a proportion of the volume scheduled for production.

Your dealership may be impacted by this disruption.

What exactly is the problem? How many vehicles were impacted?

The external paint supplier Harley-Davidson uses to produce the paint sets for the Softail  Breakout CVO is currently at capacity and is unable to fulfill all dealer orders. About 360  vehicles were impacted across all global markets.

First and foremost we apologize for not being able to deliver the motorcycle that your customer wants.  Please wait for the MY14 CVO line up to be announced in August 2013 and order a MY14 CVO at that time.

As an alternative, you may want to advise the customer to choose an alternate motorcycle that is  currently available and in inventory.  As usual, if you have questions, please address them through your local Harley-Davidson representative.

It appears the contracted company that does the custom paint schemes for the Breakout are at capacity and cannot fulfill the orders without directly affecting their other clients. 1900 Breakout models were scheduled for production for 2013. The Breakout news comes on the heels of Harley-Davidson announcing the cancellation of six bikes for the 2014 model year. While profits are up for the company, sales of motorcycles are down leading one to wonder if an efficient business model is what’s keeping the company afloat. The current lineup of models makes it near impossible for dealers to keep any kind of stock except for “one of each” which means constant waits as replacements are ordered. Some fat trimming in the model lineup and a more pronounced division between bike configurations will make it easier for dealers to showcase and tailor sales to customers. Some hard choices lay ahead as the Motor Company realizes sagging North American sales while pursuing new markets in India and China.


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