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Harley-Davidson Tops Customer Interaction Study

Harley-Davidson Tops Customer Interaction Study

 Honda and KHM Fall well below industry average

San Francisco, CA — (SBWIRE) — 05/13/2013 — Harley Davidson dealerships turned in the top-ranked number for customer interaction according to the Pied Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index of United States Motorcycle Industry Benchmarking Study. The group measures the treatment of shoppers in the motorcycle industry by dealers. Study rankings per brand were determined by the patent-pending Pied Piper PSI process, which utilized a mystery shopper measure that allowed it to ascertain the skills and ability of the dealers.

The industry average was set at 100, with Harley-Davidson gaining a 111 score, beating out Ducati at 107 and Triumph at 103 scores. There were seven companies that remained above the industry average, while the seven major companies that were below stood anywhere from a score like Suzuki’s 99, to KTM‘s abysmal 73 total.

Harley-Davidson lead all brands through the sales activities, and was most proficient in sales concepts such as encouragement and asking contact information. The helping of customers and assisting them in overcoming possible obstacles to purchase were also noted in the study. Other brands seemed to vary quite significantly from skill to skill.

Ducati provided brochures to nine out of 10 shoppers, while less than half of the Suzuki and Kawasaki shoppers were handed brochures. BMW and Triumph were proficient in allowing demo rides, while Ducati and Yamaha dealerships were much more less likely to offer such services.

This stood as the seventh consecutive year of PP PSI motorcycle benchmarking was held for the industry. Now with seven years of data compiled, companies are gaining a stronger perspective on where they stand in the nationwide numbers that gathers tens of thousand of motorcycle PSI evaluations.

Thanks to the years to sculpt the proper testing methods, the “second generation” PSI scoring is able to more closely correlate to dealership success. It was noted that motorcycle dealerships that are higher ranked sell nearly 22% more units in final quarter of a fiscal year.

“Any motorcycle dealership faces plenty of challenges that are difficult, if not impossible, to change,” said Fran O’Hagan, President and CEO of Pied Piper Management Co., LLC. “In contrast, how a sales team sells is something a dealership can improve immediately.”


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