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Harley style scooter gives MS sufferer new lease on life

Douglas Forrest doesn’t let multiple sclerosis slow him down, now he goes faster!


Multiple Sclerosis doesn't slow Douglas Forrest down
Easy rider: Douglas Forrest and his special mobility scooter

A multiple sclerosis sufferer has been burning rubber on the roads and pavements of Aberdeenshire Scotland with a chopper-style mobility scooter.

Douglas Forrest, 60, from Huntly, was a keen rambler until he had to give up walking with his wife three years ago due to the degenerative condition multiple sclerosis commonly known as MS. But now he is back on the road thanks to his £4000 Harley Davidson look-a-like machine.

He said: “The scooter’s changed my life, it’s given me my independence back. I knew I had a holiday coming up with nieces, nephews and my wife, but I wouldn’t be able to go on their three to four hour walks because of my condition – I can only hobble these days.

“I found a company that makes unusual models and I really liked the look of a Harley Davidson style scooter. Since it’s arrived I’m never off the thing – I love it. It’s so much more powerful than the standard mobility scooters.

“I’m able to spend time with my family on lengthy rambles through the forest and along the loch shores, enjoying the countryside and barbecues outside.”

Despite having never bought a motorbike before, laid-back Douglas, who has been an architect all his life, found he was a natural easy rider on his new machine.

He said: “I’ve never owned a motorbike and I’m not a thrill seeker, but it’s got a great top speed of eight miles an hour and it even has a 30-mile range before the battery runs out.

“Not only is it very comfortable and easy to use, but it also looks very sporty and it’s stylish with its big wheels. It has a motorbike engineering look about it and I like things that look good because I’m an architect, so you always like things that look good.”

Douglas, the co-director of award-winning company Acanthus Architects in Huntly, is looking forward to getting around work projects with ease since he snapped up the Supersport scooter from English company TGA Mobility.

He said: “We have a lot of projects underway at a 28-acre site at the moment and the scooter will help me get about far more freely. I can now drive with confidence to the construction sites.”

The news has been welcomed by Douglas’s wife Carole, 60, who will no longer have to go on lonely long walks.

Douglas said: “My family and I live in such a beautiful part of the world, however mobility off-road in such a rural environment had become more challenging for me.

“I’ve not been able to go on a walk with my wife for three years, but that will all change now and she’s delighted.

“There’s been lots of jokes about me getting dressed up like Hell’s Angels, but it’s all good fun and I can’t stress enough how much this has changed my life.”

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