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Have you seen any alien bikers lately?

As I sit here going through the site and trying to patch things here and there and generally try and tweak it in hopes of improving both it’s functionality and appeal, I’m struck by some of the things people type into the search box in the upper corner.

Yes, websites auto-magically keep track of the searches you type in and once in a while a smart person will look at the list of searches and try and determine what the viewers want to see and if it can be incorporated into the content provided.  At least that’s the idea. However, some of the things people are searching for on a website dedicated to Harley-Davidson history and motorcycling news just plain boggles the mind. Maybe it’s something lost in translation given that the predominant viewer base is from……eastern europe, Asia, and South America. Maybe I should have someone check out the Google translator option on the site and see if there’ s something screwy going on.

Of course searching for MV Augusta or Justin Bieber won’t get you any results, nor will “targeting Bin Laden”. Did the U.S. government send in a team of pissed off bikers instead of a S.E.A.L. team, or was that their cover? At least now that I’ve written about all this, they’ll have some results when they search. Go me!

The TOP WTF search phrase for this past week…..


I kid you not. There were six searches in the past week, and some were from different countries ….looking for aliens. Now is there something I’m not aware of….were alien bikers seen riding their hogs through the sky or to the local watering hole? Or were people seeing aliens AFTER leaving the local watering hole? Things that make you go hmmmmmm……..

Alien Biker



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