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The History of Harley Davidson & News


by Hook

April 19, 2013


The History of Harley Davidson Revisited


Starting in 1999,  The Little Shack That Could was launched as an exercise in researching the history of Harley-Davidson as I recouperated from an accident and illness. Our original home was stroked.virtualave.net for those who remember. The site was never intended to be ongoing, and was originally conceived as a quick reference for those interested in the history of Harley-Davidson sprinkled with some interesting facts. Somewhere around 2001-2002 it was discovered that if you typed “Harley-Davidson history” into Google, the Little Shack would come up only second to Harley-Davidson itself as the top ranked source. Not bad for having no clue about search engines and rankings. Over the years the site languished and portions were copied verbatim by other websites touting that they had written or been the first to publish certain topics. The Way Back Machine, is a wonderful source of reference for setting that straight. It’s a shame the Little Shack never made their radar until 2001 when it was noticed.  Slowly but surely the site will take shape again and grow hopefully with the interaction and contributions of the readers. All of the original pages are available for viewing in the TIMELINE section of the site. Favorites such as the first motorcycle, the history of Harley-Davidson, the history of the panhead, shovelhead, twin cam 88, evolution, the Harley-Davidson engine comparison chart, a case study of Harley-Davidson, the 1990 FLSTS Fatboy, and so much more are back! The news headlines take on a more global focus, that may not be Harley oriented, but will definitely be of interest to motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.

Original 1999 Banner Used On The Little Shack That Could Harley-Davidson History
The First Banner Used In 1999