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Is Warlocks Rising Real? We answer the search of the week.

Site search of the week asks is Warlocks Rising real?

by HDhistory.com

Is Warlocks Rising real, just ask Contender

One of the top searches of the past two weeks has been the question “is warlocks rising real” In a nutshell the answer is yes, mostly. The Discovery Channel’s four part series chronicling life in the Warlocks MC mother chapter in Orlando Florida has so far proven to be life as it is, with a few caveats. Yes, this is a real club, yes these are the real members, yes they are 1%ers, but no you don’t see everything. Judging from some of the comments and postings I see elsewhere on the web a lot of armchair experts are of the opinion these are a few greyhairs in a ramshackle clubhouse who are a disgrace to “real” 1% clubs and the title should be changed to “Warlocks Rising – With The Aid of Viagra”. Well, opinions as they say are like a**holes, everyone has one. You really want to know if Warlocks Rising is real? Then go ask a club member and find out.

The Warlocks MC have been through the media ringer before having been the subject of one episode of the A&E series entitled Gangland. What most people don’t realize was that Gangland LLC (the producers of the show) were in a semi partnership with the Deputy Assistant Director of the ATF, one W. Larry Ford. Both parties freely traded information and corroborated in setting up events and documenting them via the film crew to be used in court to prosecute the members of the club.  So one has to wonder, why dance with the devil again, after all once bitten twice shy right?  You can speculate on the why, but you can guarantee that what is filmed and what is shown is a carefully monitored and censored version that the club is overseeing. The only members filmed or identified are those that have signed agreements, and most likely those members who may face any risk of prosecution or payback by another club are not going to be seen.

The difference between A&E and The Discovery Channel is night and day, The Discovery Channel has maintained a far better reputation for being truer to journalism than A&E, a simple browse through the show listings would spell it out. A&E…..the E being  Entertainment, and entertainment is far from being journalism or anywhere near the truth. The Warlocks MC without question had their doubts about stepping before a film crew again when their last experience not only shook up the club and put members in jail but highlighted the fact that one chapter was completely made up of undercover ATF agents. Almost 20yrs of restructuring and being wiser in the ways of the media later, the Warlocks have chosen to once again put themselves at the forefront of a media exposure…but why? The reasons could be many, a healthy cash influx, a laugh, disinformation, or even recruiting.  Just remember, what you’re seeing is what they want you to see, and this could be to ease public acceptance for whatever reason. An outlaw club doesn’t really care if you accept them or not, but why bang your head every day if you can create a little goodwill or image of normality while you get things done. Being a badass 1%er 24/7 only gets you one of two things, locked up or dead, and you’re not much use to the club in either of those situations.  Forget the media portrayal of scuffles and gunfights every day, if that’s what turns your crank, go buy some popcorn and watch more S.O.A.

Still asking is Warlocks Rising real? After the first episode was filmed, three members of the club were killed in a shootout with a similarly named club from Pennsylvania. With one episode left it will be interesting to see if that event is brought up or mentioned. Make no mistake, the Warlocks are not an out to pasture bunch of story swapping old farts. Perception is key. And therein lays a possible reason for the club to be on camera again. It’s easier to disarm an enemy by spreading disinformation or the illusion of being harmless or weaker. Sun Tzu would be proud. Then again, maybe they are just having a laugh and getting paid.

Sonny Barger once said, “treat me good, and I’ll treat you better, treat me bad, and I’ll treat you worse” and the Warlocks definitely adhere to that credo. It comes down to respect and even courtesy if you want to call it that, the difference between mainstream society is that if someone spits in your face, you’ll either walk away or cuss them out. With an outlaw the last thing you’ll remember is the spit leaving your lips then it’s lights out, no ifs ands or buts. In some ways society is so self protective people realize they can be a dumbass and not face consequences. With outlaws, there are most definitely consequences, call it a lesson in manners or a comeuppance. It’s people handling their own shit when living by the golden rule falls on deaf ears.

It’s a shame there’s only one episode left, but then again, it’s a documentary, not a tv series, and documentaries are supposed to tell the story not create it. So real life goes on for them and for the rest of us. Is Warlocks Rising real? You really shouldn’t have to ask.

To find out what the production company that filmed the series had to say about the Warlocks involvement and control, they recently did an interview at studiodaily.com about what it was like, you can read the interview here http://www.studiodaily.com/2013/07/working-with-floridas-outlaw-bikers-to-make-warlocks-rising/

The production company is currently in talks with the East Bay Dragons who were very impressed so far with Warlocks Rising and want their story told the same way.  The East Bay Dragons is rich in history and although initially started as a car club in Oakland in the 50’s by a former associate of Sonny Barger, in 1959 the club became an outlaw motorcycle club modeled after the Hells Angels. This is a piece of history that needs to be shown and I can’t wait to see it if all goes well.



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