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Harley-Davidson MARKET SHARE THROUGH 1988

A Look Back At The Harley-Davidson Market Share

The graphs below depict the Harley-Davidson market share as compared to the competition. The following are company shares shown in percent based on sales of street motorcycles:

1973 Harley-Davidson Market Share Graph 1980 Harley-Davidson Market Share Graph
1983 Harley-Davidson Market Share Graph 1988 Harley-Davidson Market Share Graph


Harley-Davidson 34.8%

  • Honda 23.7%
  • Suzuki 14.6%
  • Kawasaki 13.6%
  • Yamaha 10.0%
  • BMW 2.3%
  • Ducati .9%
  • Moto Guzzi .1%

In 1992 – 63.2% of the U.S. “Super heavy-weight” model. (850cc or larger engine) belonged to Harley Davidson

Historically neither Harley nor its Japanese competitors disclose horsepower of their engines or sales figures, however, an industry consultant says the American cruiser market grew nine percent in 1995 and sixteen percent in 1996 to just over 119,000. A new plant was developed in 1998, in Kansas City, Missouri raising capacity to 210,000 motorcycles produced a year by the year 2003. The average customer profile for Harley Davidson can be viewed here.




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