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Mexico City riders celebrate Harley-Davidson’s 110th with ride through city

Mexico City rumbles with the sound of a 6000 strong birthday parade

More than 6,000 motorcycles, mostly Harley-Davidsons, roared through several downtown streets of Mexico Cityl to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the founding of the legendary firm, which for some created an entire way of life.

“Whoever has a Harley is a person who loves freedom, travelling, rolling, feeling free riding a bike,” Mauricio Cuevas, one of the organisers of the event, told EFE Saturday. Gathering at dawn in the Zocalo, the main square of Mexico City, were hundreds of motorcycles that then paraded down a number of downtown streets until arriving at the Rodriguez Brothers Autodrome, where they engaged in a series of activities.

mexico city harley-davidson parade May 12 2013
Harley riders parade through Mexico City in honor of the motorcycle maker’s 110th anniversary

“It’s a way of life to be able to come together as bikers, to celebrate, to enjoy, that’s one of our maxims, to be able to roll, riding all over the country and abroad,” Cuevas said, adding that other motorcycle brands were invited to the event as well, though 80 percent of those that turned up were of the legendary brand out of Milwaukee.  Most bikers who took part in the event wore the typical black leather jackets or vests embroidered with eagles, American flags or skulls.

At age 73, Edgar de Hoyos continues to take part in these events, 50 years after getting on a motorcycle for the first time, and said that’s what has kept him young. “It gives me more vitality, more youth, feeling that it’s not over yet, that I can still roll with a bunch of kids,” he said.

For Rafael Tenorio, riding a Harley is synonymous with “going out with your pals, enjoying the day, forgetting about work…it’s the feeling of letting off steam, relieving the pressure, enjoying the scenery and your friends”, he said.



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