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Murray Kentucky Fire Department makes special house call

Firemen with a heart of gold in Murray Kentucky


Murray Kentucky firefighters raffle off Harley to help family

JOHN WRIGHT / Ledger & Times

Gage Fight Bike

Murray Kentucky firefighter Greg Fuqua presents the keys of a 2002 Harley-Davidson motorcycle, dubbed Gage’s Fight Bike, to Georgena Taylor Saturday after she won the machine during a drawing that was part of a fundraiser to raise money for the Fuqua family. Fuqua said, off ticket sales alone, at least $13,000 was accumulated, without several other cash donations being counted. Gage Fuqua is shown second from left in the arms of his mother, Jennifer. Taylor’s daughter, Kiera, is shown watching the exchange between Greg Fuqua and her mother.

Posted: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 7:00 am

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It was not the usual run for the Murray Kentucky Fire Department.

There was no rush from the station to the scene of a fire with the red lights and siren activated on one of its pumper trucks. However, every person associated with the run Engine No. 1 made from its downtown station to a house on city’s west side understood its importance.

However, the same attention to detail that goes into a fire response was taken as MFD delivered what has come to be known as Gage’s Fight Bike — a refurbished 2002 Harley- Davidson Sportster motorcycle — to the winner of that machine following a recent fund drive.

Georgena Taylor stood in shocked amazement as the big red truck pulled up near her house with Lt. Justin Franklin making a grand entrance to her driveway with the bike.

Recently funds had been raised for the family of Gage Fuqua, whose father, Greg Fuqua, is an MFD firefighter. Gage, it was reported during the drive, has experienced complications from the effects of a stroke caused by a brain tumor at 19 months. Gage is now 3.

Greg Fuqua said at least $13,000 was raised during the drive that started in March, and that was just from reported tickets sales.

“We’ve had other people just make donations out of their own pocket. I didn’t expect this to be as big as turned out to be. It’s just been a big outpouring from the public,” said Greg, who made the phone call to Taylor, informing her that her name had been chosen during a ceremony on the court square downtown.

“We got our ticket in support of a good cause,” Taylor said.

“I’ve never had a fire truck at my house before,” said Taylor, who was with daughter Kiera while husband Chris was out of town. “It was very exciting for sure, though.”

An exciting part for Greg Fuqua’s wife, Jennifer, is that the bike, featuring the work of world-renowned bike artist Jim DeFew of Draffenville, is going to, not only a family in Murray Kentucky, but someone her family knows well.

“Our girls are in Girl Scouts together,” Jennifer Fuqua said. “I know this was to help Gage, but I was really hoping it (the bike) would stay here in Murray, and now it has. I am so happy for the Taylors.”

“I have to say that this was pretty emotional today,” Franklin said. “First of all, there’s the fact that this was ending after all of the effort and time we’ve put into it. There’s also the awareness of Gage’s condition now, but it means so much to us because we’re with the Fuquas on this.”

Every MFD firefighter participated in activities aimed at promoting the fundraiser, including in other communities, such as Mayfield and Paducah, it was reported.

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