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Panama wants license plate law – on your jacket and helmet!

Proposed License Plate Law Called Illegal by Riders

Panama's Proposed License Plate Law
Russian biker demonstrates how it’s done

PANAMA: A DECISION on the controversial plan to force motorcyclists to wear their plate number on their jackets and helmets is expected sometime after Monday, August 5.

That’s when Roberto Moreno, who head s the Transport Authority (ATTT) will be awaiting the report of a committee appointed to examine the proposal.

The committee was appointed after complaints by different groups of motorcyclists who oppose the move, which they have callled illegal.

The interagency committee consists of Interior Minister, Jorge Ricardo Fabrega, the Deputy Security Minister Manuel Moreno, and Secretary General of the ATTT, Nicolas Brea.

Their findings have to be announced before August 8.

Following objections from motorcycle clubs the ATTT decided to postpone the enforcement of the decree regulating the new safety standards for motorcycles.

It was originally set to begin July 24, but was postponed until next Wednesday Moreno told La Prensa said that motorcyclists only disagree with the use of numbered helmets and vests but are not opposed to driving with the lights on.

They also have no qualms about restrictions on driving on sidewalks and shoulders of the roads and in the middle of streets and avenues around the country.

via Motorcycle circus to end this week.



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