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Philly Throttle this Friday – WATCH IT!

July 5th on Discovery – Warlocks Rising and Philly Throttle

Adam Cramer of Philly Throttle
Adam Cramer of Philly Throttle

by Admin/Hook

I have to say I was intrigued with The Discovery Channel’s planned launch of Warlocks Rising, but what has really captured my attention as a two wheeled gear head is the OTHER show Discovery is launching this Friday July 5th. Philly Throttle. After visiting the Liberty Vintage website http://www.site.libertyvintage.com their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LibertyVintageMotorcycles or the Facebook page for Philly Throttle https://www.facebook.com/PhillyThrottle AND finally their Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/cycleadam I can honestly say, I’m pre-hooked.  With no apologies, Adam Cramer tells it like it is, flies by the seat of his pants with his passion for motorcycles and his gut instincts in a world that relies on formula, and has the good fortune to have put himself in a position most of us dream of. This isn’t any chrome and flash bike builder show, this is what most of us who call ourselves shadetree mechanics and scavengers/collectors can relate to. So this is his story, listen closely and glean what pearls of wisdom you can, because no one will tell it like he does.

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Discovery’s Description of Philly Throttle:  Philly Throttle follows the turbulent lives of vintage bike builder Adam Cramer and his motley crew of mechanics as they restore, repair, and flip motorcycles at Liberty Vintage Cycles in Philadelphia.Pressing deadlines, finicky customers, tight budgets, and new employees all add to the chaos as Adam navigates the perils of owning a small business in one of the roughest corners of Philadelphia—Fishtown.Adam is an artist and an intellect, not a businessman. Juggling the dual roles of ownership and artistic integrity always collide and threaten to sink Liberty Vintage forever. The only thing keeping him afloat is his dedicated group of mechanics who have bought into his dreams—it helps that they are as crazy as he is.And it’s never a dull moment as they pound, hammer, grind and, ultimately, convert rusted out bikes into true works of art. Unlike the new choppers of today, each of Adam’s creations comes with a unique history and Adam celebrates that history in the meticulous detail he puts into his restorations. Before each project, he creates a vision of the perfect bike in his mind’s eye. But executing his dream vision is a battle against available parts, time and customer’s tight budgets. And for Adam, the bike always wins.

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