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Rumble Riders to do 10k mile charity run for cancer

Longhorn Harley-Davidson – supports the Rumble Riders “Rumble Against Cancer”

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GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas, May 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Rumble Against Cancer is a Nonprofit 501 c (3) Public Charity that promotes cancer research and the importance of it through motorcycle rides, rallies and other events. Proceeds generated by events and sales are donated directly to research programs and activities in support thereof.

The Rumble Against Cancer National Tour will begin kickstands up at 9am August 15th 2013. They will depart Longhorn Harley-Davidson in Grand Prairie, Texas on a 10,830 mile journey that will take them to the furthest points of the Continental United States, crossing 4-time zones and 30 state lines all in the name of cancer research.

The moment the Keeling family of Longhorn Harley-Davidson heard of the Rumble Against Cancer organization they said, “Everyone has been touched by cancer in one way or another and we want to help”. Longhorn Harley-Davidson became one of the first corporations to offer support to The Rumble Against Cancer. Longhorn Harley-Davidson included The Rumble Against Cancer in their monthly party in April. Bikers on-site opened their wallets. The donations began to flow and the word on this amazing ride began to spread.

From the website, this is the story of how the Rumble Riders began

“Our Story

He began riding with a passion throughout the country knowing he would not be alive had it not been for Dr. Robert Brian Berryman and the cancer research he was involved in. Not only had Steve beat cancer he was now living a life that many only dream about.

 Everyone is touched by cancer in some way or another and those of us that have never had it probably have a parent, brother, sister, child or maybe a friend that has. Cancer research is making progress daily, but the need for more research dollars is desperately needed.

 Steve Celebrating Survival on a motorcycle, and showing others he beat cancer through research became conversation between Mike and Dave, two of Steve’s riding buddies. It was now time to get Steve’s story out and give hope to all that are suffering from the disease and bring awareness to the need for more cancer research.

 Rumble Against Cancer was created in the spring of 2012 and became a Public Charity that summer. Rumble Against Cancer not only brings awareness to the need for more cancer research, it also raises funds through rides, rallies, public events, and product sales. All proceeds are donated to cancer research programs and events in support thereof. Steve and his riding buddies became the Rumble Riders, who now ride to Celebrate Survival.”

Visit The Rumble Riders at http://www.rumbleagainstcancer.org/ to learn more on the upcoming ride and events.

Longhorn Harley-Davidson is located in a 50,000 sq. ft. building at 2830 West I-20, Grand Prairie, TX. 75052. They are a family owned business with one of the largest selection of new and previously enjoyed motorcycles in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Contact Longhorn Harley-Davidson at 866-762-8952, www.longhornhd.com to learn more about their monthly events and other charity involvement.


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