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Shakespeare meets Biker Gang – Richard III Follows

Biker-gang Richard III remount has its cast

Carlo Lorenzo Garcia as Richard III










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Wayward Productions, whose biker-gang take on Shakespeare’s Richard III was well-received earlier this spring at Underground Wonder Bar, announced last week that the show would get a remount at the Den Theatre May 24–June 29. Now the company’s revealed complete casting for the remount, with a slew of top-notch storefront talent.The show’s director, Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, will also step into the title role;

Other new additions include Hilary Williams as Lady Anne, Layne Manzer as Richmond, Sadie Rogers as Rivers, Jude Roche as Buckingham, Brian Hurst as Clarence, Gaby Labotka as Grey, Alex Farrington as the Sergeant At Arms and Paul Krick as Prince Edward (at Saturday performances only).Cast members returning from the original production include Brittany Ellis as Queen Margaret, Natalie DiCristofano as Queen Elizabeth, Ashley Rose as Mistress Shore, Charlesanne Rabensburg as Duchess of York, Christopher Marcum as King Edward, Gavin Robinson as Tyrell, Maximillian Otto Lapine as Ratcliffe, Eric Louglin as Stanley, Spencer Smith as Hastings and Bill Daniels as Prince Edward (except on Saturdays).

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