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Shipping container as a secure bike garage

Garage, shop, secure vault, shipping container does it all

Shipping Container Garage

By Hook

After taking a break from some website maintenance here and enjoying a coffee before going for a ride, I was browsing the local classifieds when something caught my eye, a Harley-Davidson garage. When I clicked on the link I saw the perfect solution to something that I had been pondering a while. I had been intrigued with the idea of using a shipping container for a cabin at some property I was thinking of getting, a little spot perfect for fishing and getting away to. The problem with remote locations and personal property though, is that with the limited time you’re there, your belongings are at risk to thieves who have time on their side. You either haul all your valuables back and forth or build your cabin like fort knox. So…why not start with fort knox and make it livable?

But getting back to this Harley-Davidson garage. Here was the answer to something that had plagued me awhile. A home garage by nature is not the most secure building there is unless you spend a heap of cash on things like alarms, video cameras, reinforced doors etc. But what if your most prized toys are in it? They can still fall victim to fire if attached to the house, or on their own if separate, as well as falling trees etc. But a shipping container, now that’s a different story.

I read in the classified ad, that the garage was built with an electrical panel and breakers all wired in conduit with fluorescent lights and lots of plugs and was wired for both 110v and 220v as well as having a 220v heater. The roof was spray foam insulated, and there was a man door on the side like a regular tow along trailer in addition to the swinging barn doors that shipping containers have.  The manufacturer mentioned in the ad is Big Steel Box in Canada, but if you can get your hands on a container on your own, whose to say, you couldn’t make your own garage, or fishing cabin etc. Any local buy and sell magazine should have sections where you can find a shipping container for sale. Mine had several companies selling 10, 20, 40, and 53ft lengths of shipping container. Nothing like another project!