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The Red Baron Motorcycle – Airplane Engined Chopper!

Red Baron Motorcycle – Manfred von Richthofen would approve!

 The Red Baron Motorcycle

The Red Baron flies…errr rides again! There’s something inherently crazy about bikers. The simple act of sitting on a two wheeled rocket that’s capable of hitting 0-60 mph from a standstill and putting exoticars to shame  requires a certain mentality.

German bike tinkerer Frank Ohle has pushed this concept even further by creating a custom motorcycle that features the engine from a Radial R3600 aircraft.

The beastly Red Baron motorcycle , took just 18 months to complete despite requiring a completely handmade frame and bundles of engineering knowledge to get the engine to drive the enormous rear wheel.

Predictably, the Red Baron motorcycle  makes a hell of a lot of noise and thanks to the 148bhp plane engine, it shifts too.

The Rotec R3600 is a nine-cylinder radial engine built by Rotec Engineering PTY LTD in Australia. Initially released in 2005, it was a followup of the 7-cylinder Rotec R2800 released five years earlier. Both this engine and its smaller cousin have been frequently used as both replacement engines for vintage World War 1 aircraft, and replica aircraft from the same vintage. Some notable aircraft this engine has been used in are the Fokker Triplane, Sopwith Camel and the Nieuport 17.

Note that these engines are not limited to only aircraft applications, JRL Cycles has converted an R3600 for use in a motorcycle.

Watch the video below and see owner Frank Ohle fire up the machine (complete with plenty of impressive smoke) and tool around a parking park.

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