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Psst..wanna know how to steal a Harley? Here’s how!

 This weeks WTF Search Request – How to steal a harley

You know, I think this just may become a weekly thing, highlighting the oddest search requests typed into this site. Aliens, ok, THAT search proved that there are people out there who think a little differently or see things a little differently, and if anything I can’t help but feel a little sorry for them. You know, the kind of sorry where you pat your grandad on the back with love and understanding because he went out with his pants on backwards, that kinda thing.  Some searches defy the theme of the website….such as “most dangerous airports”….but I had to use Google translator to find that out, as the original search phrase was in a language I didn’t recognize. Thank you Google. So, what was this week’s search of the week? Glad you asked….but I think the title gave it away.


Now obviously, anyone looking for info on how to steal a harley has never owned one, nor are they likely to ever own one.  If they have to look up info on how to do it, then it’s obvious it’s not for the love of the bike, but for the love of the money they hope to get parting it out or selling it whole.  IF someone looking to steal one even rides at all, it’s most likely a crotch rocket that can hopefully get them out of trouble as fast as they got in it. They’re not the type to enjoy the ride, the scenery, the comradery, or even the esthetics of the bike. Rats usually scurry away and blend in…impossible to do on a Harley… So that being said, here’s my part in order to help you gain your bit of economic independence…..

Step One In How To Steal A Harley

How To Steal A Harley

Failing that, I’ve included some suggested materials below to help you decide on a plan of action



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