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Truck hit by motorcycle drove on for miles before motorist noticed injured biker


A California biker is lucky to be alive after he crashed into a pickup truck, ended up in its bed and was driven around for several miles before getting the attention of the driver.

Officials with California Highway Patrol says the unidentified motorcyclist was speeding Thursday when he rear-ended a Nissan pickup truck as both vehicles were traveling south on the 15 Freeway through the Cajon Pass.As a result of the collision, the unfortunate biker landed in the back of the pickup and was driven on the freeway for miles by the unsuspecting motorist.

Shocking surprise: The driver of a Nissan pickup truck was stunned to discover a man waving at him from the bed of his vehicle. About 30 minutes later, law enforcing officials got a call from the Nissan owner, a South Gate resident, who reported that there was a man in the back of his vehicle.

‘I think he said [the biker] was banging on his rear window to get his attention,’ officer Devon Boatman told The San Bernardino Sun. CHP officers got a 911 call shortly before 8pm reporting an accident that took place in the area of Oak Hill Road.Patrolmen who arrived on the scene quickly found the discarded motorcycle, but the rider was nowhere in sight.For 20 minutes, San Bernardino paramedics and CHP officers searched the area between Highway 395 and Oak Hill Road on the ground and from the air, but turned up nothing.

When they finally got the call saying that the motorcyclist been found, they drove to Blue Cut, where the driver of the Nissan pulled over, and found the biker still lying in the truck bed.

Wild ride: Officials say a motorcycle rider was doing more than 130mph when he rear-ended the back of the truck and ended up in the back. The collision happened as the two vehicles were traveling through Cajon Pass south on the 15 Freeway. He was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton to be treated for his injuries.

Officer Christopher Dalin, of CHP, said that a group of German tourists who were on the 15 Freeway told responding officers: ‘We drive on the autobahn, we know what high speeds are. ‘The collision happened somewhere near the Oak Hill Road ramp, according to officials. The pickup driver later told officers that he felt the bump from the impact, but because there was construction work happening in the area, he initially thought that his vehicle was struck by a large piece of debris, Dalin told the paper.

The unsuspecting South Gate man continued on his way, but had an unsettling feeling that something was not right.‘He looked in his right mirror and his left and saw nothing,’ Dalin said. ‘Then he looked in his rear-view mirror and noticed a hand waving at him from the rear of his truck.’So far, no charges have been filed in connection to the collision.

via Truck hit by motorcycle drove on for miles before motorist noticed injured biker stranded in the back of his vehicle WAVING at him in rear-view mirror | Mail Online.

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